Hello Team Member! Pay your Winter Surrey Men's III Match Fee here
Use this for a payment for an individual amount of £2 for a completed match in the Winter 2017/18 season - the current standard match fee. When I have collected all the fees for a match I will then pay DLTSC by bank transfer. The amount you have to pay should already be set by me on the next page. Upon receipt of payment I will email you a receipt. Below is a statement of account on the collection of match fees. If you disagree with this please let me know?
To Pay by Credit or Debit Card Click the Paypal Button then Select "Pay with a Debit or Credit Card".
Sorry if you've got more than 1 fee to pay you'll have to do it multiple times!
Note: If you, or someone using your computer has recently used this portal to pay a different amount to the current payment you intend to make, you may need to refresh your browser (F5) whilst viewing this page in order for the payment page to show the updated amount. Thank you.
Match Fee Payment Situation - 2017/18 Season
Coombe Wood (away) - Not collected - now due
Sheen (home) - Collected and submitted to DLTSC
Gardens (away) - Not collected - now due
Richmond (home) - Scheduled to be played 25/3/18
Kings Club (away) - Not played - walkover requested
When you've paid can you click
stating your name and the match paid for.